Sojourner Home provides transitional and permanent supportive housing for women and families whose lives have been impacted by homelessness, domestic violence, chronic poverty, family instability, mental health issues and substance use disorders. Sojourner Home serves men, women and children, providing on-site case management, life-skills training, youth development programs and other support services in five transitional and supportive housing programs. Our mission and purpose is to give women and families the tools they need to recover from trauma and build stable, self-sufficient lives.


Families arrive at Sojourner Home facing homelessness and other crises. Here, they work towards family stability and unification, gain valuable life skills, and maintain sobriety. In making positive, lifelong changes, these women become beacons of hope, light and inspiration for others. Their words are a powerful reminder of the strength each resident at Sojourner Home has within.



"Before coming to Sojourner Home, I was using alcohol to mask my insecurities and pain. I would let other people take priority over myself, and I thought I needed a drink to express my feelings. Now I've started making myself a priority."

— Sojourner Home graduate


"Sojourner Home saved my life. I was using drugs and ended up homeless running from an abusive relationship. Now I'm clean and looking forward to the future. I had to break the cycle of thinking I wasn't good enough, and I know now that I deserve to have happiness and security."

— Sojourner Home graduate


"Everyone becomes family here. I have PTSD and anxiety, and I needed a stable situation for me and my daughters. Sojourner Home brought structure to my life and gave me a lot of my strength back."

— Sojourner Home graduate


"Sojourner Home gave me the push I needed to move forward. My case manager and the other residents made a great impact on me — they don't judge you, they inspire you. With their help, I was able to start working and pursue my degree to become an RN."

— Sojourner Home graduate

If you need a safe place to live while taking steps towards self-sufficiency, we can provide immediate assistance. Click below to contact us about transitional and permanent supportive housing at one of Sojourner Home’s locations.