Sojourner home at Wilson Commencement Park

Sojourner Home at Wilson Commencement Park offers program-based affordable housing in a gated community environment for low-income, single-parent families. Communiversity workshops are available to assist families striving to achieve economic and social stability, increase their independent earning power, and break the cycle of poverty and welfare dependence. Support services include on-site case management, crisis intervention and life-skills coaching. Ongoing youth development programs are offered for school-aged children and youth.

Wilson Commencement Park has 50 two- and three-bedroom townhouse units for single-parent families.

In collaboration with the Rochester Housing Authority, Sojourner Home operates Destiny, a secure apartment structure located on the Wilson Commencement Park campus with 18 apartment units for women who have experienced domestic violence and/or have mental health diagnoses or disabilities. On-site support services include case management, crisis intervention and life-skills coaching through Communiversity programs. Resident youth may also participate in the youth development programs offered at Wilson Commencement Park.